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Coromandel Trip - Xmas 2019

Few weeks ago, my son watched a Youtube video about hot water beach and was really excited when I told him it is in New Zealand so we decided to take an impromptu trip there before Xmas. Hot water beach is actually only around 2.5 hours drive from Auckland but the wife didn't want to sit in the car for 5 hours in the same day. Fortunately we managed to find a nice holiday apartment in Whitianga despite busy holiday season, which is a nice small beach-side town only 30 minutes away from the hot water beach. Kids @ Whitianga beach Day 1 Hot water beach The best time to dig your own hot spa at the hot water beach is one hour on either side of the low tide, which was around 10:15am on the day. We decided to leave early and drove there first thing in the morning. We managed to get there by 10:45am but the beach was already packed with visitors. We tried to find an empty spot and started digging with our big garden spade (most people were using mini toy-like ones) but only c

It’s been a while ...

It’s been nearly 7 years since my last blog post, during which time UK has decided to withdraw from EU, iPhone is now over $2000 NZD and Donald Trump was elected as US president and then impeached. While my personal journey of the last 7 years was nowhere near as dramatic, it was still quite a lot for me personally. I changed roles and companies few more times. Moved house twice. Run regularly again, more serious this time. Starting to get my time back as kids grow up. As I'm approaching "officially not young anymore" age, I've learnt to recognise and focus more energy on things that are truely important to me such as family and personal growth. Billy Yang's video below resonates with me even though I am happily married, have 2 lovely kids, living in our own home instead of a van and love my 9-5 job as a software developer 😅.